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Old Age Home In Chennai
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SRC Partners With RMD Care & Mehta Hospitals

SRC has proudly associated with RMD care & Mehta Hospitals to offer best of medical care to the retired community. Set up in 1994, RMD has been serving people for over three decades in multiple formats of care. Be it institutional care or care at your home as in SRC.A team that is empathetic and serves with love ,RMD has taken care of over 100,000 patients across Palliative Care , Memory Care , Acute Care, Cancer care and General Care. Taking care of not only the patients, but their care givers as well. RMD’s vision is to provide comprehensive care to all. With a super specialty hospital at Sri Perambadur, RMD offers care to meet the growing demand in that area in general and Chennai in specific. RMD’s vision is to reach care to public in multiple formats.. The need for Palliative Care, Memory Care ,Post stroke care and General care is growing and RMD is working to meet these care needs along with SRC

Old Age Home In Chennai

Patient Transport Services

You can rely on us to come to your help during emergencies.SRC along with RMD &Mehta Hospital provides punctual ambulance services to those who cannot directly reach out to hospital nor have any individual to go with them to provide timely medical help.

Old Age Home In Chennai

Assisted Living

We provide care solutions at our Suprabhath Retirement Community. Respite care is much needed by patients during the recovery stage, post-operations (step-down care), care during rehab, dialysis and chemotherapy. RMD & Mehta Hospitals provides nursing, medical specialists, hospital environment as assisted living to those who need varied levels of healthcare assistance due to disabilities or mobility issues. Caretakers are available who shall be accompanying during hospital visits. Thanks to Assisted living compassionate and affordable care is now a call away.