Most Economical Paid Old Age Homes in Chennai

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Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Suprabhath Retirement Community

Most Economical Paid Old Age Homes in Chennai

Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Dedicated Caretakers

Our highly compassionate team of caretakers will satisfy all your needs at SRC.

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Dedicated Caretakers

Our highly compassionate team of caretakers will satisfy all your needs at SRC.

Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Community Bonding

Why choose solitary when your life can be full of meaningful conversations?

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Community Bonding

Why choose solitary when your life can be full of meaningful conversations?

Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Independent living

Live your life peacefully without too much dependency on others!

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Independent living

Live your life peacefully without too much dependency on others!

Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai

Life at Suprabath Retirement Community

A joint family is now a thing of the past. The concept of one family under one roof has lost its luster with the changing times. Every member races with their own set of goals for the day. In the middle of all this, the house elders are left alone. They may feel like the hands of the clock moving slowly with the slightest motivation. For elders like them, paid old age homes in Chennai can be the best option. It’s not that aged people’s life is sad, but it is full of boredom for the most part.

Breaking the taboo of Old age homes

Society may look down on someone leaving their parents in a paid home for aged in Chennai. Many questions and looks might be directed at the son or the daughter. Doesn’t this go against the concept of family bonding? Why would someone not take care of their parents who raised them?

Well, if you give it a thought. Nursing homes for elders will be the safest place.

For example, if a person is going abroad, leaving their parents at home alone might sound dangerous. If they agree to come to a foreign country, then that’s fine. Assuming they are not ready to do so, assisted living sounds better than living alone!

So, don’t let society’s judgment stop you from making the right decision. Let your parents be a part of Suprabhath Retirement Community!

Passionate Eldercare at Suprabhath

Suprabhath is one of the best paid old age homes in Chennai. It is because of our dedicated elder care services and plush amenities in our community.

We want to break all the stereotypes of a nursing home where elder care is either inadequate or lacks passion. Our staff is trained to perfection, and they have the patience to listen to what the elders have to say. Hence, all our aged residents at our old age home in Chennai get the most love and care.

Amenities at Suprabhath Retirement Community

Suprabhath offers independent living for the elders. All their needs are instantly satisfied, and they feel pleased to be at our retirement homes in Chennai. We provide the following facilities to the residents:

  • 24/7 Medical Services
  • 24/7 Ambulance Services
  • Good food & Clean Dining
  • Doctor Visit (Once every week)
  • Nurse Room Visit (Every 2 days)
  • Professional Housekeeping
  • Multi-purpose hall for meditation, indoor games, and celebrations
  • Gym facilities with Elder-friendly equipment
  • Library with up to date novels and magazines
  • CCTVs & Maximum Alert Security System
  • Temple Visit
  • Outdoor play area & Walking tracks

Suprabhath Retirement Community is your #1 choice for paid old age homes in Chennai. We take immense pleasure in providing a safe and happy place for elders. Our experience and compassion for eldercare have grown with 20+ years of service. We can proudly say that we know what elders expect and therefore, our staff renders quality service.

Call us today to know about our plans. We are always very delighted to address your queries.


Acres of living area


Happy Elders


Skilled Staff Members


Membership Plans

Companionship & Compassionate Care at SRC

SRC ensures your complete well-being. Get access to 24/7 nursing & attendant services, pharmacy & doctor visits.

You can rely on us to come to your help during emergencies. SRC provides punctual ambulance services.

Experience the true nature of independent living. We will take care of all your personal needs for stress-free living

Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Why Choose Us

How is Suprabhath Retirement Community Different?

Choosing to retire in a traditional home can be costly. Also, you would have to be dependent on someone or the other to take care of your daily needs. However, Suprabhath Retirement Community is not only affordable but also gives you companionship and peace.

₹ 30K



Suprabhath Retirement

A day at Suprabhath Retirement Community

Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Temple Visit

The experience of visiting a temple leaves a devotee immensely satisfied, happy and rejuvenated

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Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Group Activities

Social group activities benefit people with dementia since they are stimulating and uplifting. They enhance their overall well-being by giving pleasure, entertainment, and companionship.

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Best Paid Old Age Homes In Chennai
Relax & Rejuvenate

Rest and relaxation reduces stress and improves overall health

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Our Testimonials

All the hearts that we won!

Moving into a Retirement Community can be scary sometimes, but we are here to answer all your questions and concerns regards moving into one. Even if your not ready for it, it's never early learning about the advantages and possibilities.
Mr.R.R. Kumar
CEO & Founder
Why Choose Us

Spend your retirement days at SRC

Medical & Health Care

We are always at your side! Get 24/7 Medical attention and care from highly skilled nurses, attenders, and doctors who ensures your well-being. Our pharmacy is equipped to serve you with the best support to enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle

Spacious Campus Area

Our campus is situated on a vast 9 acres land that encompasses of walking tracks and parks, outdoor play areas, and serene lawn for yoga.

Clean Food & Dining

Pure and tasty food prepared from fresh ingredients to enrich your tastebuds and keep you healthy. Get the best dining experience at SRC.

What if there was a community that made sure you got the best of everything in every moment? Suprabhath Retirement Community is a reputed old age home in Chennai that takes care of all the personal needs of elders during their retirement.

As a retiree, you do not have to live in solitary. Find vibrant people of your age and create an everlasting connection with them. Starting your life at a retirement community can be a new experience and sometimes, a little bit scary since you have never been at a place like this one.

But, put all your worries to rest because at Suprabhath Retirement Community, you will feel at home. A home full of bountiful joy and happiness. Let us give you a few reasons why you should choose to live here.

Suprabhath Retirement Community

A Safe Haven

We have earned a great reputation for being one of the best retirement homes in Chennai that caters to elders’ needs. This is because our service quality is unparalleled. So, of all the retirement houses in the city, why should you be a part of our community?

Choose Companionship over solitary

You do not have to lead your life in loneliness. We foster meaningful conversations and strong bonds with people just like you. Most of our activities at our Chennai senior citizen homes are centered around your lifestyle.

Professional Care

You will get personal care from our skilled attendants and nurses. We will ensure your complete well-being. Live a stress-free independent life at Suprabhath Retirement Community. Our professional staff will take care of all your daily needs. Thus, we relieve you of the necessity of doing all the chores by yourself.

Feel Secured

We guarantee the utmost safety of our residents. There are enough CCTVs and security systems to prevent any unauthorized individuals from entering.


Enjoy a wide range of amenities that are carefully planned to make your life easy at our paid old age homes in Chennai.

Why is Suprabhath Retirement Community the best?

If you think you would be away from your home, then you got it all wrong. Our community might look new to you at first but as you bond well with the residents, you will then realize that this place is yet another home to you. Suprabhath Retirement Community is one of the best luxury old age homes in Chennai that gives you a satisfying life.

We promise a peaceful life here as our community is a few minutes away from the noise and clatter of the city.

Fulfilling community activities like special day celebrations and games

Never worry about your daily needs since all essential facilities are located within your reach

  • Saveetha Hospital - 2.7km
  • Apollo College of pharmacy - 1km
  • EVP film city - 8.4 km
  • Ponamalle Bus stand - 10.5km
  • Sriperumbadur - 10.9km
  • Thiruninravur Railway Station - 11km
  • Chennai Airport - 32 km
  • Kanchipuram - 18km

Why not spend your golden days at Suprabhath Retirement Community?

Get in touch with us if you have any queries. Compare our tariffs with that of the traditional houses before you make a decision.

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