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A retirement community is an environment which provides a wide range of facilities, services and care options while making residents live a maintenance free lifestyle all through building a secured community to accommodate the needs of the elderly with utmost independence.

Advantages of a lease in community is that your money would be refundable and there would be no hassle of finding and selling your property to another retired person or couple. You can opt out of the plan anytime as per your wish without trouble, unlike a buy in property where you need to sell the property in order to move places. Another advantage better than the hassle free structure is that the lease amount is way less than buying a whole property.

We are expected to have the move-in date for the members from May 2022 onwards.

All the facilities in campus are included in the monthly fee for the members. Facilities like transport are to be paid as per the usage.

Yes we have few guest units for your loved ones to visit. You need to pre-book the units beforehand just in case for availability.

Yes you can order special meal or food from the kitchen anytime as long as the kitchen is open for service.

The utility includes the electricity you use in your unit and the laundry service you use. Both will be calculated according to your usage and charged as per community rates.

  • Safety and security
  • Comfortable environment with same age neighbours
  • Hassle free life
  • Maintenance free lifestyle
  • Active lifestyle
  • We have a travel desk at our office building, they will curate a customised plan for all your needs and specification as per your wish.


    What We Offer

    Companionship & Compassionate Care at SRC

    SRC ensures your complete well-being. Get access to 24/7 nursing & attendant services, pharmacy & doctor

    You can rely on us to come to your help during emergencies. SRC provides punctual ambulance services.

    Experience the true nature of independent living. We will take care of all your personal needs for stress-free living